Saturday, March 28, 2009

About Her

She was always determined, stubborn and concrete. She would always know what to say, have an answer for every question, a reaction to many actions and always had the right attitude towards uncomfortable situations, she would solve her own problems and needed nothing from anybody to leap her above the obstacles. She never showed weakness and never wanted to prove herself wrong.

She would love with extreme passion and care with uncontrollable measures, she would stare at my sleep till my eyes registered her presence, to be the first thing I'd see when i waked up every morning and be the last thing i saw every night.

She changed her friends and changed her likes, listened to my music and saw my movies. She was there every moment and not even a minute she faked to like me.

She changed me, changed my life and changed my likes. Made me strong and never weak, made me love and never wrong, she made me happy, she made me happy.

She doesn't regret the new days without me neither without me she stops being herself, she keeps the memories and lives the moment. She loves herself and loves her life. She is happy.

Llora el Amor from Coolerdavid on Vimeo.

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